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We have personally seen .......

Apparatus weeks and months overdue, a long list of excuses from the manufacturer and the Fire Department with no recourse except to sit and wait.

Apparatus with wrong and / or missing equipment , a long list of excuses ...
(see above!)

Page after page of exceptions, deletions and changes to your specifications by the builders.

We feel ....

Hey ..YOU know what you need and want ... not some guy 1000 miles away !!

You are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on this equipment. Your new vehicle should be

A 60 to 90 day delivery date on your new "Custom" pumper means that you'r getting what "They" want you to have, NOT what you wanted!

Fire apparatus specifications can run over 100 pages. Do you have the time to check and re-check every detail?

A few examples ....

Diesel engines do vibrate ... did you specify bolts and locking nuts instead of sheet metal screws ? Things will tend to fall off of the vehicle if you didn’t.

Did you require an approved NFPA warning light system? If the vehicle is ever involved in an accident, some attorney may make you wish you had!

Live in hill country ? An engine brake or driveline retarder will more than double the life of your brakes. Does your new pumper or tanker have one?

Your new tanker will dump it’s 1200 gallons in less that 2 minutes! How long does it take to re-fill it ?

We have over 24 years of fire service experience, more than half as a NFPA 1002 Driver / Pump Operator.

We have sucessfully designed, written the specifications and overseen the construction of vehicles ranging from the smallest all the way to custom aerial and pumper apparatus.

We design operator and firefighter friendly apparatus to your specifications, and help you oversee all aspects of construction from pre-construction meetings to final delivery.

We are available if you need help in justification of apparatus to your Commissioners or city fathers

The cost ??? Less than 1% of the cost of the apparatus!

Give us a call and let’s talk Fire Trucks!!

228 -467-4161

313 DeMontluzin

Bay St. Louis, Mississippi